PYMNTS mPOS Tracker – Interviews Mosambee’s CEO Alok Arora

It’s An mPOS World After All

The ability to make and accept payments for purchases is increasingly universal, and the future of mPOS may lie in universal solutions that can accept a broad range of payment methods. For the latest mPOS Tracker, PYMNTS caught up with Alok Arora, CEO of Mosambee, a company betting on that universality by bringing their mPOS solution to the States.

Here’s a preview:

“The solution is open in that it can adapt and add more methods of payment,” Arora explained. “The whole idea is that the merchants need not lose a transaction just because the customer wants to pay using a new method or one not supported by [our] solution, so we support all forms of payment.”

To accept such a broad range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, mobile and prepaid wallets and Indian payment methods, such as IMPS, Arora and his team have sought to form partnerships with card providers. These partnerships, he said, are essential to the company’s engagement model.

Mosambee has collaborated with more than a dozen different partners, including industry leaders, like Mastercard and American Express. The company formed an exclusive partnership with Visa when it became the only mPOS provider in India to establish direct card processing connection with the credit card company.

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