Accept card payments anywhere with Mosambee

Introducing mPOS – Accept card payments anywhere with Mosambee

This is our core product launched in Apr-2013. In Sep-2013 RBI mandated mPOS solutions to be EMV compliant. We are now offering an EMV Level 1 and 2, PED/PTS certified device connected to the mobile device using a secure blue-tooth connection. The solution has successfully achieved VISA/ADVT and Mastercard/MTIP certifications. The solution is offered along with our Acquiring Bank partners (HDFC Bank, YES Bank, IDBI). We expect to work with more banks shortly.

mPOS is hosted inside a PCI-DSS compliant environment at Netmagic Corporation’s Vikhroli/Mumbai Data Center.

mPOS is also available as an API (Application Programmers Interface). The API can be used by third-parties to integrate mobile payments to their own products.

mPOS is also offered as a white-label solution and is currently being implemented in Bangladesh and Nepal by our partners who are themselves, leaders in their respective countries.

The processes related to mPOS include:

  • Merchant opens an Account with a Partner Bank
  • Merchant receives mPOS device/s and credentials to access the Dashboard
  • Merchant provides mPOS devices to their staff and configures their mobile devices using the Dashboard.
  • The system sends download credentials to the mobile devices.
  • The application is downloaded on the mobile device and is registered with the server.
  • The user uses an OTP (One Time PIN) sent to his mobile number and sets-up his PIN.
  • The user is now ready to use the system.
  • The user can undertake any of the following operations on his mobile device:
    a: Sale
    b: Pre-Authorization
    c: Sale Complete
    d: Void / Refund
    e: Settle
  • The user can also retrieve history transactions.
  • The proceeds of the sale are credited to the user’s account directly (as would be the case for online or landline POS card transactions)


  • PCI-DSS Certified
  • PA-DSS Compliant
  • DES3
  • SSL2

Acquirer Dashboard

  • Manage MIDs / TIDs
  • Terminal Monitoring
  • Transaction Retrieval
  • Settlement Reports
  • MIS Reports

Transaction Control

  • Disable Devices
  • Disable Users
  • Disable Merchants
  • Single Transaction Limit
  • Geofencing


  • EMV L1 Certified
  • EMV L2 Certified
  • Encrypting Card-Reader
  • PTS Certified
  • Device tied to Merchant
  • Reader tied to Device

Merchant Dashboard

  • DIY Sign-up Support
  • Manage Outlets
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Devices
  • Transaction Retrieval
  • Reports

Risk Management

  • Daily/Monthly Limits
  • Velocity Check
  • Geo-Velocity Check