Any Wallet Payments System for Merchants & Consumers

Introducing – Any Wallet Payments System for Merchants and Consumers

The way electronic wallets have exploded on the payments scene, it has affected everyone who collects money from retail customers. The big issue is there are so many wallets – so how do you handle all of them. You may remember the days when you used to have 3-4 POS machines on your counter, how complex life was, now multiply the confusion by 10 and that is how complex it can be if you were to deal with all the wallets yourselves.

Fortunately help is at hand. empowers you to process payments made using any ANY POPULAR WALLET, from a single integration point and the funds hit your designated bank account, automatically. Why settle for one wallet when you can process them all.

Customer can pay from his Smartphone

1) Customer enters his Mobile-No
2) Customer views merchant details & photo
3) Customer enters Payment Amount
4) Customer selects Wallet
5) Customer enters OTP
6) Payment done.

Merchant does not need even a smartphone

Merchant can collect on his Smartphone

1) Merchant enters Payment Amount
2) Merchant enters details of Customer Wallet
3) Merchant enters OTP
4) Payment done.

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► Works with all the Wallets – Mobikwik, PayU, Citrus, Atomz, Oxigen etc.
► OTP based customer’s approval of transaction
► Funds directly credited to your Account – in any Bank
► No device to be purchased by the Merchant – not even a Smartphone
► Very low monthly costs
► No Minimum Balance Requirements
► Option to have your custom wallet
► Integrates with your Mobile Application seamlessly
► Integrates with your Web Site seamlessly
► Integrates with your Delivery-Boy Application seamlessly
► Industrial Grade Security – TLS3, SSL2 etc. encryption options