Mosambee is an EMV enabled comprehensive mobile (POS) Point of Sale system providing end to end payment solutions for  Debit and Credit Card transactions.

Mosambee.Cash – Any Wallet Payments System for Merchants and Consumers


Sync Android Tablet with EMV device

Syncing an EMV device is as simple as switching on the bluetooth and identifying the EMV device. That’s all you need in order to have your payment apparatus set up. You are now good to accept all credit and debit cards.

Enter card and validate via chip or pin information

Either swipe or insert the Credit/Debit Card based on the requirement. The EMV device has provisions for both swiping the magnetic reader or reading the card chip by inserting it in the card slot. Enter your Pin on the EMV device and have the card authorised in seconds.



Process payments and receive invoice

The Gateway returns the response instantly and the customer is notified instantly via SMS by Mosambee. The customer can also check for any payments made using Mosambee terminals from our extremely user friendly web application.

Commercial Impact

Higher Revenues

Extend card-payments to situations where cash was the only option so far.

Lower Set-up Costs

Reduce costs of POS devices, merchant set-up & on-boarding

Lower Operations Costs

Reduce costs of on-going operations, maintenance & support

Lower Risk

Reduce operational risk with EMV, signature-on-device and Chip & PIN


Multiple Solutions on a Single Device

Magnectic Swipe, EMV, NFC, Biometric, QR Code, Contactless, CUG Cards, Prepaid cards, Canteen Management, RFID tags, Loyalty Cards, Integration to Wallets, Mobile Banking.


Enables merchants to function as ATM – reduced ATM CAPEX

Merchant Delight

Integrates with ERP & POS systems making the whole experience seamless.

Few industries we cater to


Quick Service Restaurants


Healthcare & Labs




Cabs & Private Transport








Service Providers

Mosambee Products

GDOCK 4 Mini (+4G Dock)


Together with a 2G/ 3G/ 4G/ Wi Fi unit, GDOCK achieves dual- display and all payment method acceptance with QR code & E -signature displayed on a colored touch screen and PIN entry manipulated on a B&W screen.

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Mosambee.Cash – Any Wallet Payments

laptop-mobile-27-09-2016 empowers you to process payments made using any ANY WALLET, from a single integration point and the funds hit your designated bank account, automatically. Why settle for one wallet when you can process them all.

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Partnership is the essence of Mosambee’s Enagement Model

  • Mosambee works with incumbent payers in the ecosystem
  • A simple and equitable engagement model which enables each party to maximize their gain from the relationship
  • Offer platform as a service (PAAS) model structured in a diverse set of ways has resulted in exciting partnerships

Interested in partnering with us?


We are keen to partner with Direct Selling Agents (DSA), banks, telecom service providers and local institutions for

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Payment Partners









What is Mosambee mPOS?

Mosambee is our flagship product which enables vendors to accept credit and debit cards by using a simple EMV device which connects to a Mobile Phone using Bluetooth Technology.

Can mPOS be used for Chip Based Cards?

Absolutely. At every stage we have been compliant with the latest RBI and credit card norms. Using our latest mPOS solution, you can accept both swipe based and chip based cards with ease.

Why use Mosambee mPOS over a regular POS solution?

It is Better. It is more economical. It is Mobile. Do you need more reasons??

Mosambee Highlights

  • EMV Chip & PIN Solution
  • PCI-DSS/PA-DSS Compliant
  • VISA-ADVT, MasterCard-MTIP, Rupay approved
  • Online Adhar/UIDAI Authentication
  • POS Transactions – Sale PreAuth, Void etc.
  • mATM – Cash Withdrawals / Deposits
  • “On-Us” as well as “Not-On-Us” transactions


We are EMV, PCI PTS certified. We are presently operating in India. Launching in other countries