Big day at Mosambee today – Announcing our first funding round of Approx $ 1 Million

The team at Mosambee are pleased to announce that we have closed our first Seed Funding round with SIDBI Ventures.

We cannot wait to put the money into action and use it for ramping up the marketing and delivery infrastructure as we continue to empower more and more businesses to mobilize transactions by processing card payments on a mobile device anywhere and anytime. Over the next few months the entire team at Mosambee will be busy in honing our products, on-boarding businesses, helping them start accepting card payments with ease and facility.

We would like to take this moment to thank all our stake-holders – acquirer banks, merchant-customers, stock-holders, advisors, employees, friends and family for their faith and support. The world of payments is changing and we hope to be not only be a part of this opportunity but actually make it happen.

We are always open to your feedback and suggestions. Should you feel we are doing something we should not be doing or not doing something that we should be doing, please shoot-out a message to us using the contact form.

Here’s hoping for your continued support and good wishes.